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People Are Freaking Out Because Maja Salvador—aka Camila—Is Alive In 'The Killer Bride!'

It's the plot twist of plot twists.
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Okay, so it's only been three weeks since The Killer Bride first aired and people (us included) cannot stop talking about it! The ABS-CBN teleserye tells the story of a girl named Emma (Janella Salvador) who moves to the town of Las Espadas. It's a place that's said to be haunted by the ghost of Camila (Maja Salvador), who was wrongfully accused of murder years ago and died in prison after giving birth to her baby daughter Vida. During an eclipse, Emma claims that she's being possessed and haunted by Camila's ghost! Stranger things begin to happen in Las Espadas after Emma's arrival.    

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During the August 28 episode of The Killer Bride, Emma goes to an abandoned building and comes face-to-face with what we first think is the ghost of Camila. As expected, Emma looks scared sh*tless, but when Camila applauds her acting and tells her to stop pretending because no one else is around, she smiles! OHMYGOD. Camila, who's supposed to be dead, is apparently alive! What's more, Emma's helping her get revenge on all the people who wronged her. 

Watch their epic meeting here: 

People cannot stop freaking out about this plot twist! Here's how the Twitterverse is reacting: 

*INSERT SLOW CLAP* Literally no one saw this plot twist coming.

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Props to the writers! This is some good TV, y'all! 

Who else wants to enroll in Camila's School Of Acting? *raises hands*

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Nothing but respect for our killer brides

Maja also tweeted that the show will answer everyone's valid questions in the coming episodes! 

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Maja also posted this photo of her and Janella: 

We can't wait to see what's going to happen next! 

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