The Most Fashionable Dog On Instagram

Ohmygod, look at that face!

Meet Tinkerbelle, a Papitese (which is a mix of a papillion and a maltese dog) from New York. Tinkerbelle was one of the few rescue dogs chosen to present Ralph Lauren's Fall 2013 Accessories Collection in October, and now she's a certified Instagram star with over 20,000 followers!

Sam Carrell—Tinkerbelle's owner—got her at a shelter when she was just 13 weeks old. They were walking down the street when an employee from Ralph Lauren stopped them to take the dog's photo for a campaign they were shooting—and Tinkerbelle got the part.

Since then, the Papitese has appeared in, and has even visited the Cosmopolitan headquarters in New York!

She's a real style star, you guys. According to Sam, Tinkerbelle's favorite fashion thing in the world is a tutu skirt. Oh, and she also takes a bath once a week with shampoo from Burt's Bees. Sosyal, 'di ba?

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You should follow her at @tinkerbellethedog, because very few things in life are THIS CUTE.

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