The Most Honest Google Searches Ever

Oh Internet, you funny little thing.

What’s the last thing you typed on Google search? There’s no need to be embarrassed—we’re all guilty of using it for the most random reasons. From double checking our spelling to figuring out how to get rid of a pimple, stat, there’s no denying Google has been very helpful.

We decided to have a little fun with its autofill feature and found some of the most honest, straightforward, and weird questions people have searched for:

Maybe it's time to hit the gym...

We feel you.

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Do tell.

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"It's not my fault I'm so popular."


Girl likes to keep it real.

Well that is unfortunate.

This is a legit question. How do you do it?!

Is it the same as a vibrator?

Only in our dreams, unfortunately. 

This one is pretty easy. 

I regret downloading this game.

The grammar nazi in us is cringing. And no, she lost to Chinese pop star G.E.M. 

Stalker alert!

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