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The Most Insta-famous Girl Barkadas In The Philippines

Friendship goals AND feed goals!
PHOTO: Instagram/itscamilleco

We've rounded up some of the most well-known girl barkadas in the country, whose bonds are so tight that they transcend from work to play. Some were besties from the start, while others met and formed a solid bond under the spotlight. No matter how their friendships started, one thing's certain: all of these girls are having the time of their lives together-just check out their respective Instagram accounts. 

  1. The Blogger Besties 

    Nicole Andersson (309K followers)
    Camille Co (412K followers)
    Lissa Kahayon (69.9K followers)
    Patricia Prieto (104K followers)
    Kryz Uy (493K followers)
    Laureen Uy (898K followers) 

    Total number of IG followers: 
    Over 2 million

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  2. Beshies 

    Janna Tee (28.6K followers) 
    Maxene Magalona (1.8 million followers) 
    Saab Magalona (424K followers) 
    Megan Young (1.9 million followers) 
    Lauren Young (582K followers) 

    Total number of IG followers: 
    Nearly 5 million

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  3. The It Girls 

    Martine Cajucom (211K followers) 
    Anne Curtis (8.2 million followers) 
    Isabelle Daza (2.2 million followers) 
    Solenn Heussaff (3.9 million followers)
    Bea Soriano (256k followers) 
    Georgina Wilson (2.7 million followers)
    Jess Wilson (177K followers) 
    Liz Uy (1.4 million followers) 

    Total number of IG followers: 
    Approximately 19 million

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