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There's A "Normal Barbie" Now And People Like It More

Cellulite, actually included.

Graphic designer turned doll maker Nickolay Lamm thought toys—like Barbie dolls—had unrealistic body proportions, so he created a "normal" doll, with real girl features. He called it the Lammily doll

First, he took measurements of a 19-year-old American woman, and created mockup images based on that. He uploaded the images online, and those went viralwith netizens pre-ordering about 19,000 dolls.

The Lammily doll has long, brown, thick hair, and wears no makeup. She has a little bit of a pooch, and doesn't have long legs. She's about a head shorter than a Barbie doll. Her accessories include a sticker pack that can give her tattoos, acne, scars, moles, scratches, bruises, and yepstretch marks and cellulite.

“I wanted to show that reality is cool,” Lamm told Time. “And a lot of toys make kids go into fantasy, but why don’t they show real life is cool? It’s not perfect, but it’s really all we have. And that’s awesome.”

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Singer Demi Lovato took to her Twitter account to praise the new toy, saying:

What do you think of the "Normal Barbie," CGs?


Second-Graders React To The New Normal Barbie 

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