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It's Getting Serious: Taylor Swift Visits Tom Hiddleston's Mom!

They took turns visiting each other's parents! Aww!
PHOTO: Instagram/taylrswift

Taylor Swift’s whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston gained momentum on Friday when the singer arrived in the U.K. to meet his mother.

The couple's new romance was first revealed earlier this month when pictures emerged of them kissing and cuddling on a beach in Rhode Island, just two weeks after Taylor's split from Scottish DJ Calvin Harris was made public. Since then, their blossoming relationship has not showed any signs of slowing down.

Tom, 35, reportedly met Taylor's parents Andrea and Scott when he visited her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee this week and she returned the favor on Friday by taking a private jet to be introduced to Tom's mother Diana.

Pictures show the couple walking on either side of Diana with their arms wrapped around her as they walk down a path near her home in Ipswich in Suffolk, England. The trio are all beaming and Diana has her arms around both Taylor and Tom.

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The trio even spent the next few days visiting the beaches of Suffolk.

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According to, they flew into Britain's Stansted Airport accompanied by five bodyguards to meet Diana, and Tom also took Taylor on a drive in a rented Jaguar to show her the surrounding area.

Since their romance went public, Taylor and Tom, who have been dubbed "Hiddleswift," have been spotted getting cozy at dinner with her friends in Nashville on Thursday and dancing with friends at a Selena Gomez concert on Tuesday.

Both have kept silent on the relationship, although a radio interview in which Tom allegedly talks about his new girlfriend emerged online this week, but it was revealed to be fake, made from old audio recorded before they got together.

His representative told WENN, "This is completely fake. It has been stitched together."

However, her ex-boyfriend Calvin has spoken out in now-deleted Instagram comments, in which he reportedly accused Taylor of controlling the media as he "had no idea what was going on".

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He also appeared to confirm Taylor ended their relationship, writing, "Bro I didn’t leave anyone and she’s def not sad. It’s all good."

Taylor also hit headlines on Friday night when her lookalike, or a wax figure, featured in Kanye West's latest music video "Famous" naked in bed with Kanye and Kim Kardashian plus other stars including Donald Trump and Rihanna.

The rapper name drops Taylor in the controversial song and the two have been arguing via their representatives about whether the pop star gave him permission or not.