These Super Bowl 2016 Ads Will Make You Want To Embrace Change In Life

Who knew TV commercials could be so motivational?

PayPal – “There’s New Money In Town”

Dubbed as one of the best Super Bowl ads for 2016, PayPal’s ad is a motivational kicker that would make you believe that the future is in cashless transactions. Bye bye, paper munz.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – “So Long, Farewell”

This may just be the time for a new Colonel Sanders. The Sound of Music’s iconic tune “So Long, Farewell” is played throughout the teaser as Norm Macdonald, the fast food giant’s long-time mascot as Colonel Sanders, bids his goodbye.

Audi R8 – “Commander”

This super feelsy Audi ad deals with the nostalgia of the forgotten glory days of America’s Space Program. What gives even more feels to this beautifully crafted vid is the late David Bowie’s “Starman” playing in the soundtrack.

Pokemon – “#Pokemon20”

Pokemon’s newest ad literally is a game-changer. Tapping the next generation of gamers, Pokemon celebrates 20 years of entertainment with the release of their latest game. This one’s an epic ride.

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