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Things You Missed When Facebook Crashed

It's the online apocalypse!

So Facebook crashed worldwide for a few minutes yesterday (some said it was just 15 minutes; it felt like an eternity) and our lives were temporarily put on hold. Well, our online lives, at least. Because what’s the point when you can’t post about your day on your walls, right? Thank God we still had Twitter!

Okay just kidding, it really wasn’t that bad, but that didn’t stop us from having a mini panic attack. It just goes to show how Facebook-dependent we've all become (#truestory).

Here are some of the things people missed the most during the FB blackout:

1. Humble brags and random rants that you usually see every 5 seconds

2. Procrastination. Our leisurely Facebook breaks in between (okay fine, during) work hours were cut short. We're calculating that productivity levels increased by 100%.

Okay, not really, because people were too busy freaking out.

3. FB chatting with our significant others and crushes

4. Knowing what our family and friends were up to

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5. Uploading new photos and tagging friends (We were in the middle of uploading a new album, dammit!)

6. Cyberstalking our crushes (and exes).

7. Breaking news stories. Wait, who was arrested? What's the latest celebrity news? Why are people tweeting #facebookdown?

8. Alone time. No Facebook? Looks like we have to actually interact face-to-face with people for now. Bummer.

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9. This.

10. General entertainment. Admit it, it is the most convenient boredom buster. Yesterday's blackout proved that the online world is a lonely and less interesting place without Facebook. Well played, Zuckerberg.