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Things You Need To Know About The 'Archie Comics' Reboot

The ones that changed, and those that stayed the same.

If you’re like most ’80 kids, you’ve read at least one Archie comic book in your lifetime. The love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica, the endless burgers the woman-hating Jughead can consume, and Pop Tate’s Chocklitshop are somehow a part of everyone’s childhood. So when Archie Comics announced a reboot, “the first new Archie #1 in 75 years!!” according to the comic’s back blurb, fans around the world reacted. Everyone was curious about how they changed America’s Favorite Teenager. Well, here’s the lowdown.

No more cartoony Archie.

Even if some say he looks like Justin Bieber on the cover (on the main version anyway—yes, there are alternative covers!) looking less like a cartoon makes him more relatable, setting the stage for less laughs but more feels. Oh, and you know how you wondered why all the girls went gaga over Archie when he looked so goofy? Well, now it makes more sense.

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The old gang is still around.

Dilton, the height-challenged resident genius. Reggie with his slicked back hair and smarmy ’tude. Moose, though we don’t catch a glimpse of him yet. Even Mr. Weatherbee with his potbelly and the few hairs on his head. The only weird part is Archie calls him Principal Weatherbee, which might sound a bit strange to fans.

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Betty is adorable.

She’s cute, simple, knows more about cars than Archie (of course), and was his sweetheart since kindergarten. 'Til the Lipstick Incident. Setting the stage for a whole lot of high school drama. #cannotwait

Jughead is still the same. Well, slightly different.

His nose is still pointy, just not as Pinocchio-like anymore. He still has the crown on his head. He still wears that shirt with the mysterious S on it. And the most heartwarming of all, he still works behind the scenes to fix his best buddy’s life. Some of the best old comic plots had Juggie doing just that.

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Archie talks to you, dear reader.

And it’s fine. Until the end where he asks you what you think he should do to get over Betty and he gives you a hashtag and a username. Kinda jarring. But some fans will be all over it. You decide.

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