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The Meanings Behind The Third-Generation K-Pop Fandoms, Explained

Which of these fandoms are you a part of?
LIST: Third Generation K-Pop Fandoms And The Meanings Behind Them

For fans who started diving into the world of K-pop between 2012 to 2017, your first bias group is arguably part of the third generation of K-pop idols. This was the time when they started producing various content on YouTube, V Live, and other media platforms. It's also the era when fan signs started and K-pop fans all over the world had more opportunities to meet their faves. Fans also became more organized and systematic in supporting their ultimate K-pop groups whenever an album is released. Entertainment companies further realized the value of building a strong and solid fanbase for their K-pop artists.

Let's check out the different fandom names of third-generation K-pop idols and the meanings behind them.

Third generation K-pop groups and their fandoms

1. MOMOLAND - Merry-Go-Round

Right before their comeback with "Wonderful Love" in April 2017, MOMOLAND announced the name of their official fan club over a V app broadcast. Member Jane said that their fans would be called Merry-Go-Round, likening them to a carousel ride in an amusement park where everyone is able to get on. This also ties to MOMOLAND's music that heals and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Nancy also said that once you get on, you can't get off— meaning that once you enter the fandom, there is no way out.



2. BLACKPINK - Blink

The origin of BLACKPINK's fandom name Blink is pretty straightforward. It's just a combination of the shortened words "black" and "pink." But there's actually a deeper meaning to this name: It means the girl group's fans start with BLACKPINK and end with BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK - 'Lovesick Girls' M/V

3. BTS - ARMY or A.R.M.Y.

The official fandom name of BTS is ARMY and it was announced on social media in July 2013. The word loosely means military and BTS in Korean directly translates to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" which represents the armor. This means that ARMY and BTS will always be together and will always support and stand with one another. Sometimes, the fandom name is also written as A.R.M.Y. because it is an acronym for "Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth."

BTS 'Permission to Dance' Official MV

4. Red Velvet - Reveluv or ReVeluv

The "ReVe" in ReVeluv is a combination of the first syllables of "Red" and "Velvet." "Reve" also means "dream" in French which implies that the fans helped the group's dreams to come true. Another meaning of the fandom name is that it is a shortened version of "Red Velvet Luv" which symbolizes the love the group and the fans have for each other. It could also simply mean that the fans love Red Velvet.

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Red Velvet 'Feel My Rhythm' MV

5. BTOB - Melody

BTOB stands for "Born To Beat" and the group's fans are called Melody because a beat and melody are needed to be able to create music. This means that BTOB needs their fans to make music. The group announced the official fandom name through a special video message on YouTube addressed to their fans. Over the years, BTOB has also incorporated "Melody" in several of their songs' lyrics to show their love to their fans.

(BTOB) - (The Song)' Official Music Video

6. EXO -  EXO-L

EXO's subunits were named EXO-K and EXO-M. Following this concept, the official fandom name was announced to be EXO-L. L stands for "love" which means that the group will love their fans forever. And since in the alphabet, the letter L stands in between K and M, this also means that EXO's fans will always be surrounded by EXO-K and EXO-M (basically all the EXO members).

EXO 'Don't fight the feeling' MV

7. NU'EST: L.O.Λ.E or LOVE

NU’EST’s group name when written in Hangul takes the first letters and will be spelled as L.O.Λ.E, which looks like the English word "LOVE." Hence, the official fandom name is also read as love. Now that’s interesting!


NU'EST Official M/V

8. TWICE - Once

The group chose the official fandom name Once because it is the perfect match for TWICE. When they officially announced this through their Instagram account, the members said that if the fans love them even once, they will repay the love of the fans twice. They also promised that they will work hard so that the fans can look at them once and fall in love with them twice.


9. GFRIEND - Buddy

GFRIEND announced their official fandom name during a fan meeting after their Snowflake album showcase in 2016. They decided to name their fans Buddy because it's another name for "friend," and the GFRIEND members consider their fans as their buddies or friends.


10. NCT - NCTzen

In June 2017, NCT revealed the official fan club name in a Naver V App broadcast. Fans voted for their preferred fandom name, and it was revealed that NCTzen was the most-voted option. There's also meaning behind the name, of course: NCT sounds like "N-City," so fans are the citizens of "N-City" thus the name “NCTzen”.


NCT 2021 2021 'Beautiful' MV

11. MONSTA X - Monbebe

The MONSTA X members personally chose their official fandom name, Monbebe, which is a combination of two French words, "mon" meaning "my" and "bebe" meaning “baby”. The group said that they consider fans as the equivalent of "my baby," "my darling," "my lover," and "my soulmate."


12. OH MY GIRL - Miracle

Member Seung Hee revealed the meaning behind the fandom name, Miracle, in an interview. Apparently, it originated from one of OH MY GIRL's songs, "B612." The lyrics of the song go, "It is like a miracle that you love me" which expressed OH MY GIRL's heart to their fans. The members feel like it is a miracle that they were able to meet their fans.

(MV) (OH MY GIRL)_Real Love


To loyal fans' delight, EXID announced their fan club name after four years of being active in the K-pop industry. The name LEGGO or LEGO is derived from the expression "Let's Go" since EXID hopes to build memories and keep moving forward with their fans together.


EXID - 'ME&YOU' Music Video

14. iKON: Ikonic

Like some of the other groups on the list, the iKON members announced the fandom name personally on a V app broadcast. It's simple yet impactful: They did a play on the word "iconic" which means that fans are a part of iKON.

iKON - (Why Why Why) M/V

15. MAMAMOO - Moomoo

True to the members' fun personalities, their fandom name is equally as adorable! The "Moo" came from the last syllable of MAMAMOO, and it also means "radish." Repeating it twice to form "Moomoo" makes the name really cute. MAMAMOO's lightstick is also shaped like a radish!

[MV] (MAMAMOO) - (mumumumuch)

Did you enjoy discovering the meanings behind the names of K-pop fandoms? Which one do you find most meaningful? Are you part of any of these fandoms and do you like your fandom name? This writer is a proud Melody! Share yours with us.~


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