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This Guy Makes Beyonce Dance To OPM, Proves She's Flawless

She IS the Queen Bee, after all.

“Beyonce X OPM,” goes the opening scroll of the video. Okay, it would be really AWESOMELY cool if Beyonce were to really get on stage and get down to, oh, we don’t know, the beat of a Sarah G jam. This vid, though? CLOSE ENOUGH.


This Pinoy take on #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat was created by Revbrain Martin, who put the Queen-Bey­-never-­misses-­the-­groove hypothesis to the ultimate OPM test. Naturally, Beyonce passes with flying colors. But credit, too, goes to Mr. Martin, for giving the universe the ultimate gift of love: A begowned Beyonce and her backup dancers, getting down to the “Spaghetti Song” by the Sexbomb Girls.

Truly, ‘tis a sight we will never forget.

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