This Is How Ellen Adarna REALLY Prepared For The Star Magic Ball

Champagne, anyone?

When we got the call to feature Ellen Adarna’s Star Magic Ball prep, we had our expectations. We knew it would be a fun ride but we never thought it would be THIS fun.

Right when we entered her hotel room, Ellen was 100 % authentic with usblurting out anything and everything off the top of her head (some of which had to be edited out from our feature for specific reasons, lol).

Some highlights: 1) She drank champagne and danced around her hotel room—bed-jumping included; 2) She gave us her best Rihanna impression—proof that she is kween; 3) RIGHT BEFORE she had to walk the red carpet with her impromptu date Margo Midwinter, Ellen played around with a service trolley that was blocking her way. 

Did we expect all of this from her? Of course not.

We can never really tell what to expect from Ellen—our guess is as good as yours—and that, for us, is best thing about her. 

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