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This Is The Funniest Response To The D&G T-Shirt Controversy

Because laughter is always in fashion.

The Soshal Network (TSN), the humor blog run by lawyers Faye Condez, Vivian Tan, and Camille Buhain, has weighed in on the controversy involving a Dolce & Gabbana logo tee.

The so-called T-shirt controversy started when someone questioned the authenticity of the D&G shirt worn by actress Marian Rivera. What made things even more complicated was the fact that actress Heart Evangelista, whom people seem to love pitting against Marian, wore a similar shirt. However, nobody was tagging what Heart wore as (gasp!) fake.

Entertainment portal quoted Marian's personal shopper Aimee Hashim as saying, "I'm 100 percent certain the shirt is real. I am just waiting for documents from D&G Dubai to put this to rest. I can swear my life on that."

Amid all this fuss about the D&G shirt, which, ironically, was supposed to be some form of commentary against fake productsTSN decided to come up with its own version of the said shirt.

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The pictures say it all. This T-shirt war has to stop before it gets more absurd than it already is.