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This Is What Taylor Swift Misses Most When She's Touring

But the feeling might not be mutual.

Taylor Swift is currently touring the States for her 1989 concert. But while performing on stage and making her fans happy may be her life, Tay-Tay misses something she left behind.

She told BBC Radio 1 that "the saddest part" about her lifestyle is having to leave her two kitties at her beach house.

Olivia and Meredith might not miss Taylor so much, though. The singer shares that someone told her "cats have no perception of the passage of time." "I could be gone five minutes or I could be gone three days, and they wouldn't know the difference," she adds.

But that might be what makes the furry felines so lovable. They can manage even when they're on their own! See?

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So Tay, we know your kitties are independent and all, but in case you want someone to babysit your cats, call me!

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