This Victoria Beckham Parody Is The Best Thing Ever

Her favorite flavor is water.

Today in Victoria Beckham news: Posh Spice tweeted this:

We clicked the link and found out it was a parody of her 73 Questions video with Vogue, proving that the former Spice Girl has a wicked sense of humor.

The Vogue video captured Victoria walking around her newly-opened store in London, gamely answering q's from a man behind the camera. We thought it was really amusing because we’ve never seen her talk that much since...ever.

The spoof, however, stars British comedian Holly Burn—who plays Victoria and even dresses like her. But instead of walking around a clothing store, Holly walks around a convenient store.

We can’t decide what our favorite question is, though. It’s a toss between “What’s your favorite color?” (“See through!”) and “What’s your favorite flavor?” (“Water!”).

Watch the entire video here!

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