This Video Of Kids Reacting To Caitlyn Jenner's Transformation Will Melt Your Heart

"If you're not yourself, then who are you?"

Caitlyn Jenner has received a lot of praise and criticism (if you can call them that) after her post-Bruce Jenner transformation. We've seen what people have posted on social media, but what do kids think of Caitlyn? 

YouTube channel SheKnows showed children the photos of Bruce back when he was an athlete, and of Caitlyn when she did her shoot with Vanity Fair. A SheKnows rep then asked them what they thought of the people photographed, and eventually revealed that the athlete and the "confident" and "happy" woman were the same person.

Their wonderful answers will give you warm and fuzzy feelings, aka hope for humanity. 


Dear Caitlyn Jenner, Love Geena Rocero

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