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This Video Reminds Us That Love Has No Labels

Love has no gender, race, disability, or religion.

Today in heartwarming stories: the US Ad Council did this amazing initiative on Valentine’s Day to remind everyone that Love Has No Labels.

The project showed couples hugging, kissing, and dancing behind a giant X-ray screen. The crowds only saw skeletons initially, until the first couple stepped out, and turned out to be both women. “Love has no gender” is flashed on the screen and well, waterworks happened.

More couples, siblings, families, and friends followed and and powerful messages like "Love has no race," "Love has no disability," "Love has no race," "Love has no religion," and "Love has no age" are also flashed on the screen. (Did we mention we were emotional wrecks by the middle of the video?)

The activity was used to launch the Love Has No Labels campaign that encourages people to embrace diversity and acceptance.

Here at Cosmo, we fully support the cause. We believe in what Macklemore said: “Underneath, it’s all the same love.” Your gender, race, shape, size, religion, does not stop you from giving and receiving love. 


Grab some tissue and hit play. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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