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These TikTok Reenactments From 'A World Of Married Couple' Will Make Your Day

'Are you sure you're my friend?!'
PHOTO: Tiktok/@leesjae96

Warning: This contains *major* spoilers from A World of Married Couple

Episodes of everyone's new favorite K-dramaA World Of Married Couple, are getting more intense as we speak. The show's characters make us feel sooo many things (anger, mostly), so here's something fun for a change! A Korean TikTok creator named Lee Seung-jae with the username @leesjae96 has been posting hilarious parody videos of crucial scenes from the show. 

His first reenactment is from Episode 2: After leaving her husband's birthday celebration and getting confirmation that he is indeed cheating on her, Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and her doctor friend Sul Myung Sook (Chae Gook Hee) have a drink in her kitchen. Sun Woo confronts Doctor Sul for keeping info about the affair from her, and her ~friend~ insists that she is on Sun Woo's side. At the end of the conversation, Sun Woo says: "Are you sure you're my friend? If so, behave properly from now on!" Her last words end in a hysterical scream. 

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Lee Seung-jae's video even comes with wigs, a drawn-on watch, and a doctor's robe! WINNER. 


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Watch the OG scene below: 

He also parodied the scene where a pregnant Da Kyung (Han So Hee) proudly told Sun Woo that her boyfriend (aka Sun Woo's husband played by Park Hae Joon) will leave his wife in two months...

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...and the scene where Sun Woo's family had dinner with Da Kyung's fam and Sun Woo called affairs "a man's excretion." 


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