10 *Low-Key* TikTok Video Ideas For The Shy Girl

It's totally okay if you're not ready to dance yet!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Tiktok/@biancaontiktok, (RIGHT) Tiktok/@mpigos

You've seen your friends' TikTok videos, and you've watched your favorite celebs ~slay~ at making those dance covers. You've even downloaded the app and created your own TikTok account. NOW, it's time to post something!

But...if you're feeling kinda shywe TOTALLY get youand you want to be *low-key* about it, here's a list of ideas you can try: 

1. Room Transformation 

While everyone is encouragedI mean, REQUIRED—to stay home, why not take the opportunity to clean up and organize? It's about time. *wink wink* 

2. Recipe Guide

Whether it's a new mixed drink or a new dish you learned how to make, it'll be fun to share the "process" online! 

3. Differents OOTDs 

Want an excuse to mix and match outfits? Why not record your *creations* as well? 

4. Shoefies 

Time to showcase that collection, CGs! 

5. Pet Videos 

We need more cuteness in our lives, especially now. Who doesn't want to watch videos of furbabies, right? 

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6. Makeup Transformation

Productivity at its finest. It's time to showcase everything you've learned from those YouTube makeup tutorials

7. #NewHair

Whether you're planning on getting a new DIY haircut or a new hair color, it's time to let the world know. Just remember to take a "before" vid! 

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8. "Some Things About Me" 

"My name, my age, my favorite color / My height, my sign, do I have a lover / What's my nationality? Here are some things that inspire meeeee...." 

9. Hand Emoji Challenge

If you're feeling extra cute today! 


10. Public Service Announcement 

Because it's also important to share your knowledge! What you'll need: Props and fun background music. 

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