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This TikTok Video Will Make It Super Easy To Learn TWICE's 'Feel Special' Choreo

'Push! It! Down! 6, 7, 8!'

K-pop girl group TWICE is known for upbeat and catchy tracks that would get you bopping in an instant. That said, it isn't exactly easy to learn their dance moves, especially if you're someone (like us!) with no sense of rhythm. 

Still, you know that won't stop hardcore TWICE fans and dance enthusiasts from learning the choreo! Thanks to this particular two-part TikTok video, it's now so much easier to understand and master the dance moves to one of TWICE's songs, "Feel Special."

The owner of the video, whose username is @jolo_seph, danced the choreography to the chorus of "Feel Special" while saying the steps out loud in a catchy chant, complete with matching in-video labels like "Pose," "Turn," and "Hip," so viewers can easily understand the series of movements.


more like a “point and trace” than a “turn and curve” but ????????????  #feelspecial #kpopdance #kpop #kpopcover #jyp #twice #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #????

? original sound - jolo_seph

Many in the comments section of the video complimented Joseph for making a mini-tutorial that's super easy to understand, even for non-dancers. The video, posted on January 14, has garnered more than 195 thousand likes, 1,300 comments, and 16 thousand shares as of writing.

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Check out part two of the tutorial here:


#feelspecial pt 2. - and that’s on shouldER shouLDER SHOULDER (yes its mirrored lol) #kpop #kpopcover #kpoptutorial #twice #???? #jyp #fyp #foryoupage

? original sound - jolo_seph


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