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LOL! A TikToker *Unknowingly* Interviewed Anne Curtis On An NYC Street And It Was Hilarious

The 'Pambansang Dyosa' kept her cool!
Anne Curtis tiktok
PHOTO: TikTok/shanrizwan

It looks like a TikToker is in for a sweet surprise in case he finds out he interviewed a superstar in the Philippines—none other than Anne Curtis! Known as the Pambansang Dyosa, the actress is the talk of the TikTok town after being previously interviewed on a Big Apple street by Shan Rizman, a popular content creator who is known for his rapid-fire interviews.

Shan usually approaches strangers on the street to ask them random questions, such as what their favorite shows and movies are. One video he posted generated a bigger engagement than ushe, and it's the one with Anne in it! In the video, he asked the actress questions such as her name, where she lives (Anne from the Philippines) and her income— which she opted not to disclose for “personal” reasons.

Anne was also asked about what she studied in school (she said she did one sem of Early Education) and whether her job requires her to travel. “Sometimes, yeah,” she responded with a smile.


To conclude the Q&A, Anne was asked if she owns a business, to which she mentioned BLK Cosmetics. Take a look at the video below!

@shanrizwan Guessing Jobs in New York City #nyc #guessingjobs ? original sound - Shan Rizwan

As of writing, the popular video has amassed over 20 million views, and netizens had the most hilarious and amused reactions to it. “OMGGG THE ANNE CURTIS,” one commenter wrote, among other comments highlighting Anne's humility despite her status.

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