26 Times Timothée Chalamet Was Basically The Greatest Human Ever

If you saw him at the BAFTAs, you'll know what we're talking about.
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  1. When there wasn't a dry eye in the house at the BAFTAs

  2. When Daniel Kaluuya and Timothee were BAFTA BFFs

  3. And when Saoirse Ronan got involved too

  4. When he was open and honest about his mental health

    Speaking at a BAFTAs panel, Timothee said about his mixed family heritage: "In the context of family, my mom was a third generation New Yorker, my dad was French. 'I always feel tremendous ambiguity in the self-identity department which is maybe not great for mental health. But as far as acting goes it's kind of great because I don't know what I’m stretching from for roles.

    "When I'm watching myself in things, the difference is I don't know what's really going on here,' pointing to himself."

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  5. When helike all of uswished Meryl Streep was his mom.

  6. When he rocked head-to-toe purple velvet like no one else could

  7. When he had all the moves

  8. When he took inspiration from Jude Law inThe Holiday.

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  9. When he proved that he had one of the best glow ups in history

  10. When he had the time of his life with James Corden and Bryan Cranston

  11. When he was insanely cute on The Ellen Show

  12. When he was blatantly trying to get a part on season 2 of Big Little Lies. And who can blame him?

  13. When he wore this turtleneck, and it nearly sent us over the edge

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  14. When he grew the world's smallest moustache

  15. When took his mom to the SAG Awards, and they were both the cutest humans ever

  16. When he did this in a selfie

  17. When he rocked this pink raincoat

  18. When he possessed more coolness in these two strands of hair than we've ever had in our entire bodies

  19. When he posted this obscure drawing of Eric Roberts>

  20. "Strawbooty"

  21. When he played a dick in Lady Bird, but you still loved him

  22. When he laughed in black and white

  23. When sales of green turtlenecks went up one million percent

  24. And so did the sales of lilac socks

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  25. When he played third wheel with Armie Hammer and his wife for the 764th time

  26. When he rapped 100 years ago


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