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Tips For The Perfect Instagram Flat Lay Photo

Here's how you can achieve your #InstaGoals.

When it comes to the wonderful world of Instagram, there's nothing quite like capturing the perfect photo to add to your carefully curated feed. Since we're not all experienced with styling products or knowing how to take a really good picture, we went ahead and asked for help from Candy magazine's editor-in-chief Sam Potenciano.

Tip #1:  Look at everything as a potential prop.

From old worn-down books that you have lying around the house to your morning cup of tea—small, mundane, daily fixtures add a touch of character and give your flat lay a sense of life outside of the photo. Instead of looking like a regular product shot, you start to imagine it being a small snapshot into someone's life.

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Tip #2:  Sunlight is your friend.

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Forget filters. The ultimate add-on to any flat lay is a dose of sunshine. Compared to the cold, sterile glow of indoor fluorescents, parking your layout in front of a window at the right time (early morning for softness or late afternoon for a golden glow) makes a huge difference.

Tip #3:  Perfect is boring.

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Don't try too hard to arrange everything super symmetrically or stress if a corner of the shot is cropped out. The more natural the way things fall into place (as if you somehow magically stumbled upon the most Instagrammable shot ever), the better.

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