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Okay Wait, Is Tom Holland Still Going To Be Spider-Man?

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A few days ago, reports emerged that the Spider-Man franchise might not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore, and it’s basically because of a major deal happening between Disney (which owns Marvel Studios) and Sony.

If you care about these things, it might be because your bb Tom Holland plays Spider-Man, and this could have major implications for his part in the franchise and as Peter Parker in general. Here’s everything we know so far about his fate.

First, how did this whole thing come about?

A few years ago, Disney and Sony created a partnership where they shared the rights to a few Spider-Man movies going forward. Up until that point, Sony had always had the rights to the Spider-Man character, but that new deal meant that Disney could use the Spider-Man character in their ensemble Marvel movies, like Avengers: Endgame, and there would still be stand-alone Spider-Man movies like Far From Home.

The two companies were in the midst of negotiating the rights to the characters when those talks came to an impasse because of, well, money, and Deadline reported that Spider-Man likely won’t be part of the MCU going forward if they can’t make a deal.

Huh? Excuse me?

Yeah, IDK, it’s all very confusing, but the TL;DR on the whole thing is that because Disney and Sony might not be able to come to an agreement about the rights, Spider-Man might not be a part of future Marvel movies. Keyword: might. For what it’s worth, none of the parties involved (Sony, Disney, etc.) have commented on this report, so it’s kinda TBD. They might still be able to work it out.


Hmm, okay. What does this mean for my boyfriend Tom?

GREAT question. This doesn’t necessarily mean Tom won’t be Peter Parker anymore. In fact, there are reportedly two more stand-alone Spidey movies already in the works with him as the lead, so, like, thank god.

What it does mean is that Tom might not show up in the Marvel movies anymore (aka no more Avengers), which would be a major bummer.

But don’t freak out about any of this just yet...

Because, again, nothing is confirmed. Sony and Disney could still make a deal, and all could be well in the MCU.


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