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In Case You Can't Get Enough Of Tom's Internet-Famous Bulge

You're welcome.
PHOTO: Deneb Villanueva

Everyone's been talking about Tom Rodriguez's ~*bulge*~ after Bench's 30th anniversary fashion show at the Mall of Asia Arena. If you don't understand what all the hype is about, you NEED to see this video:

Now you get it, don't you? Towards the end of the clip, when Tom lifts his leg to strike a pose, you see it. I mean IT. The peen, in all its glory. And it is perfection, tbh.

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Here's a closer look:

Everyone on the internet and their mother started sharing conspiracy theories about Tom's penis: Is it a bimpo? A dildo he stuffed inside his underwear? A silicone ring? A God-given gift?

When asked Tom's girlfriend, Carla Abellana, about people's reactions, she said, "Hindi ako tumitingin, natatakot ako! Lagi naman 'yun ang pinag-uusapan sa kanya, e!"

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Now, Carla may too afraid to look, but we aren't! You may have missed it, but Tom's been a fave of Cosmo even way back when he was still starting out. We dug through our archives for the ultimate throwback of his hotness. Because when faced with a job as ~*tough*~ as this, there's no other way but to face it head-on. (Sorry, we just HAD to.) 

Here's Tom as Cosmo's October 2010 Man on Fire. When asked about what he wants in a girl, he said, "As long as you're confident in yourself and what you stand saka lambingin mo lang ako, 'yun lang naman kailangan! And someone who knows herself and would like to know me more." OMG TOM WE WANT TO KNOW YOU MORE. (Watch the 3:48 mark to hear him sing!)

In 2010, Tom was also one of the Centerfolds for our September COSMOMEN issue. TBH, we want nothing more in life than to be that owl perched on his arm.

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In 2013, he and Alden Richards were on the flip covers of the COSMOMEN issue. In an exclusive interview, Tom revealed that he likes kissing a girl below the earlobe. *ovaries exploding* 

You also HAVE to see his Ryan Gosling impersonation in Crazy Stupid Love at the 1:24 mark:

And here he is during Cosmo's Bachelor Bash in 2013:

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During the show, he showed off his ~*martial arts*~ skills:

Here he is with Dennis Trillo:

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And for the grand finale, we know you want this money shot, taken from the Bench Naked Truth fashion show in 2014:

Now, isn't your day a whole lot better?

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