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Toni Gonzaga Says She Might Want To Have Another Child In The Near Future

'You just realize that the reason you're here is to be a parent.'
PHOTO: Instagram/celestinegonzaga

After three years of marriage and welcoming their first child, SeveToni Gonzaga and husband Paul Soriano are often asked when they plan to have their second child.

Toni, now a mom of two years, warmly shared on Gandang Gabi Vice, "I used to think that in this industry, if you receive awards or recognition for your work, this is what makes you fulfilled in your career and as a person. But once you have a child, you realize that these don't really mean much and the reason you're here is to bring a child into this world."

The Kapamilya star added, "All the things that we go through, the trials and hardships, we are grateful for the experience but you just realize that the reason you're here is to be a parent."

A second baby is a welcome addition to their growing family but Toni stated that her second child is planned when Seve is four years old.


She feels that a four-year gap is ideal so Seve will be in school by the time the new baby comes and will better be able to understand how to behave and follow her and Paul's rules. Toni also said looks forward to having him assist with caring for his younger sibling.

Check out Toni's interview below:

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