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Toni Gonzaga Has An Honest Conversation With 'The First Man Who Broke My Heart'

'I'm so happy that we've reached this level of relationship na parang barkada. I can talk to him about anything.'

In her latest vlog episode, Toni Gonzaga invites the “first man who broke my heart” as a guest—her dad, Carlito “Bonoy” Gonzaga. Their candid talk reveals the reasons behind her parents’ strict rules for Toni and her sister, Alex Gonzaga

Why were they forbidden to have boyfriends when they were teenagers? “Kasi ayaw namin kayong magsisi.” Daddy Bonoy explains that as teenagers, “hindi pa kayo bumabalanse. Puro damdamin ‘yan e. Ngayong malaki ka na, nag-iisip ka. Kumbaga ‘gusto ko ‘yon’ pero may ‘kaya lang.’”

What about those random room checks in the middle of the night? “It’s part of being a parent. Alam mo at nararanasan mo na rin ngayon,” he tells Toni, who’s now mom to two-year-old Seve. “Ang mga magulang, 24 hours nilang iniisip ang anak nila.” That includes his 3 a.m. habit of watering plants around the house, which may or may not have been a “disguise” to make sure his daughters stay put at home!


Her dad also says they didn’t allow sleepovers at friends’ houses because they might use it as an excuse for when they were actually elsewhere with other people. “It was the same with our parents,” he explains. “We were treated that way. ‘Di naman kami perpekto pero ‘di naman kami napasama.”

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How come he wasn’t as strict with Alex a.k.a. Catherine, though? “Magkaiba ang personality ninyo. Mas matigas ka sa kanya. Si Catherine, ma-pilosopo lang pero mas weak. Masagot lang. Ikaw hindi. ‘Pag sinabi mo, gagawin mo.”

Toni asked why he didn’t approve of her previous suitors, whose names she censored. Her dad’s answers ranged from “impulsive” to “playboy ang lahi e” to “hindi kayo match.” He explained why he wasn’t the warmest person to Paul Soriano, her husband, when they were still dating. “Kailangang makita niya na mayroong po-protekta sa ‘yo. Lahat ng ama, hindi lang ako, ganoon. ‘Wag mong lolokohin ang anak ko, magkakaproblema tayo.”


Toni says, “I’m so happy that we’ve reached this level of relationship na parang barkada. I can talk to him about anything. Kasi dati, lagi akong takot sa kanya dahil disciplinarian siya. Pero I realized that the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret. The man who I thought broke my heart before was actually the one who saved my heart from being broken so many times.” 


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