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'My Amnesia Girl,' 'Starting Over Again,' And More Toni Gonzaga Films To Stream Right Now

In case you want an explanation and ~an acceptable reason~ to binge-watch.

Toni Gonzaga: rom-com film and "I'm sorry Ma" kween. She has given us sooo many iconic roles over the years, and someone even made a Teddie Salazar playlist inspired by her iconic Four Sisters And A Wedding scene on Spotify! In case you haven't watched them all already...

Here's a list of 15 Toni Gonzaga movies that are available for streaming right now:  

1. D'Anothers (2005) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her leading man: Vhong Navarro

The plot: In this horror-comedy, a man who is absolutely afraid of ghosts finds out that he is his ancestors' only hope to access the "portal" to the afterlife.

2. You Are The One (2006) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her leading man: Sam Milby

The plot: "Sally Malasmas' US Visa gets denied by a handsome yet dismissive American consul named Will Derby. Later, it turns out he is in search of family members in the PH and Sally decides to help him. Will their friendship blossom despite their different views on relationships?" (via iWantTFC) For this film, Toni actually shared that Direk Cathy made her watch My Sassy Girl as a peg for her character Sally! 


3. You Got Me! (2007)  

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her leading men: Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo 

The plot: Toni stars as Moe, a tough lieutenant who is determined not to fall in love. She gets caught in a love triangle between fellow cop Kevin and a pirated DVD vendor named Caloy. 

4. My Only U (2008) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her leading man: Vhong Navarro 

The plot: Because Winona is convinced their "family curse" will cause her death by the time she turns 25, so she isn't interested in any kind of romantic relationship. Her best friend Bong, who is secretly in love with her, tries to do everything in his power to prevent her "death." 

5. My Big Love (2008) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her leading man: Sam Milby 

The plot: Toni stars as a fitness trainer who helps an overweight chef become fitter and happier! She falls for him, but when he comes back from abroad, they get involved in a love triangle as his ultimate crush falls for him, too. 

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6. Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go Round (2009) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her leading man: Sam Milby 

The plot: A happy young couple wants to get married, but the father of the bride promised her mom that they would get married again for their 25th anniversary. Two weddings just can't take place, and as the groom tries to win the bride's father over, chaos ensues. 

7. My Amnesia Girl (2010) 

Where to watch it: Netflix, iWantTFC  

Her leading man: John Lloyd Cruz

The plot: Apollo is determined to find love when he bumps into his ex-girlfriend Irene. Here's the catch: Irene actually has amnesia and can't remember him at all! Apollo makes it his mission to remind her of their past and make her fall in love with him again. 

8. Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi! (2011) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her leading man: Zanjoe Marudo 

The plot: According to iWant: "Cousins Precy and Belay who are in two different times in their lives: Belay is about to get married after a three-year job in Japan, while Belay is looking to end her 18-year marriage. Will Belay decide to continue with the wedding? Will Belay still leave her husband even though he begins to change for the better?" 


9. This Guy's In Love With You, Mare (2011) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC 

Her co-stars: Vice Ganda, Luis Manzano 

The plot: "A heartbroken Lester (Vice) find out that his ex Mike (Luis) has a girlfriend named Gemma (Toni). Lester gets the idea to court Gemma so she will break up with Mike and he, in turn, will get Mike back." (via iWantTFC) 

10. Four Sisters And A Wedding (2013) 

Where to watch it: Netflix, iWantTFC   

Her co-stars: Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao, Enchong Dee

The plot: The Salazar sisters don't want their "baby brother" to get married, and they will do anything in their power to get him to break up with his fiancée. This film actually had a prequel, released in 2020, called Four Sisters Before The Wedding

11. Starting Over Again (2014) 

Where to watch it: Netflix, iWantTFC   

Her leading man: Piolo Pascual 

The plot: "I deserve an explanation, I deserve an acceptable reason!" Former lovers Ginny and Marco, who broke up years ago, get the chance to work together againand this time Ginny is determined to win him back.  


12. You're My Boss (2015) 

Her leading man: Coco Martin

Where to watch it: Netflix, iWantTFC  

The plot: A *bossy* company executive asks her assistant to pretend to be HER BOSS in order to close a very important business deal! 

13. Last Night (2017) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC   

Her leading man: Piolo Pascual 

The plot: "Mark and Carmina have both given up on life: As they spend time together and in every failed attempt of leaving this world, both Mark and Carmina fall in love for each other but they can’t seem to turn away from their initial goals." 

14. Mary, Marry Me (2018) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC  

Her co-stars: Alex Gonzaga, Sam Milby 

The plot: Toni Gonzaga stars as a wedding organizer who suddenly has to work with her ex-boyfriend and younger sister—who are getting married to each other. 

15. My Sassy Girl (2021) 

Her leading man: Pepe Herrera


The plot: The film is a Filipino remake of the hit Korean rom-com starring Jun Ji Hyun! Toni will star as "The Girl," a spunky and larger-than-life personality who has a *tragic* past. The film will most probably be released this year. 

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