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Let Toni Gonzaga School You On How To Do Your Makeup In The Car

Toni’s tips are perfect for girls on the go!

Admit it, putting on makeup can take some precious time. But when you’re running late, what’s a girl to do?

In her latest vlog, actress Toni Gonzaga shared some useful tips when putting on makeup inside the car. Toni said that she actually learned to do her own makeup in the car at 17 because she juggled school and hosted a noontime show.

Toni said that inside the car, it's going to be pretty tricky to apply makeup on your eyebrows and to do your eyeliner. She said that she only does her eyebrows and eyeliner when traffic is going super slow.

Another useful tip that Toni shared was the use of false eyelashes which she calls a staple in her makeup kit. She also added that it can make a huge difference for chinita girls like her.

Because putting on makeup inside the car can make one dizzy, Toni admits that she only does this when there really is no time.

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