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Tony Labrusca Is Doing Okay After That 'Punching' Incident At A Mall Show

'I know the guard didn't mean it.'
PHOTO: Instagram/tony.labrusca

We all know how hard it is to contain ourselves when we're fangirling, but a recent viral video featuring Tony Labrusca proves that gets a little too much. I mean, we all remember that time fans got called out for getting too close to South Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk during a photo op, right?  

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In a recent Facebook video uploaded by Patricia Anne Ramilo, we see Tony hurriedly being escorted by security to move through a bunch of fans during a mall show in Batangas. Some fans were trying to touch and hug him despite the railings separating them from the actor, and the guards were obviously having a hard time shielding Tony. In the midst of the chaos, one uniformed personnel tried to untangle himself from the crowd, but he accidentally punched Tony in the face which made the Kapamilya star drop to the ground! OMG. 

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You can watch the whole incident below: 

However, there's no need to fret, guys! Last night, the Glorious actor decided to respond via Twitter to concerned fans:

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We're glad you're okay, bb! We can see more of Tony in the small screen next year as he's set to star in a new teleserye called Mea Culpa alongside Bela Padilla and Jodi Sta. Maria.

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