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Just 10 Photos Of Tony Labrusca Looking Straight At You

You are most welcome.
PHOTO: instagram/tony.labrusca

Admit it: The Glorious trailer, starring Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino, has gotten you feeling feels. The May-December romance set in Baguio tells the story of Niko (Tony) who falls in love with an older woman named Glory (Angel). The 30-year age gap is, of course, a big deal not just to Glory, a brain tumor survivor, but also to the people around them who judge their relationship immediately.

The trailer promises to give us drama and some undeniably ~*hawt*~ scenes. If you feel like it wasn't enough, we've compiled Insta photos of Tony to get you through the coming weeks.

Here's Tony eating a burger:

Remember that commercial he was in? Hearts are still breaking because of it. 

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Here's Tony...with a baby: 

Guys + babies have a way of making even the coldest of hearts melt.  

Tony looking at us from behind some bars:  

Is he in jail for being...too hot? This is too much. 

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Tony + some sunlight 

Well good morning to you, too. 

OMG. Tony with dogs!

Who's ready for a dog-walk/date? 

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Here he is in a blazer, looking all serious and formal. 

That intense stare, though. 

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Ummm. Wet shirt Tony: 

And finally, what we've all been waiting for: Tony...topless.  

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Glorious will be available for streaming on iWant starting November 17.

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