Sources Say Travis Scott Wants To 'Be With Other People' But Still 'Very Much Loves' Kylie Jenner

Apparently, he thinks 'their relationship was too fast too soon.'
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In case you missed it due to being focused on, IDK, the drama in your own life: Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner broke up. And now she's low-key dating Drake. But things seem pretty complicated between Kylie and Travis, and a source just told Us Weekly that Travis "still very much loves" his ex.

So, what was the problem? Apparently, Travis wanted to be able to travel a bunch, for starters. "[He] feels that their relationship was too fast too soon," the source explained. "He loves her, but he wanted to be able to live his life and travel and be with other people and not have to worry about always going back to his family."

Kylie confirmed the breakup in October, emphasizing that both she and Travis were completely focused on being great co-parents to their daughter, Stormi. "Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi!!" she tweeted. "Our friendship and our daughter is priority."

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While it's unclear if Travis is seeing anyone, Kylie and Drake are casually dating with "no strings attached." A source told Us Weekly, "They have known each other and been friends for a very long time and there has always been a spark there, but their situation is complicated and so is Kylie's with Travis. Drake and Kylie don't want to jeopardize their friendship by crossing any major boundaries. Drake doesn't have any intention of taking on a fatherly role with Stormi and he wants to have fun with Kylie with no strings attached and continue to have a friendship and be supportive of one another."

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