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Tricia Centenera Opens Up About Split With Gab Valenciano

'My ex-husband, I believe, is a good man who has just made some bad choices.'
PHOTO: Instagram/triciacentenera

On the day that would have been her third wedding anniversary with ex-husband Gab ValencianoTricia Centenera opened up about her story on her personal blog

In an entry called "OK, Let's Talk About It," Tricia recalled: "March 27—my phone has lit up like a Christmas tree of messages & memories of what was a fantastic wedding celebration but the [fact of the] matter is that even though the wedding/weddings were magical, the marriage was not."

She continued that she actually saw Gab the night before, sharing: "[We] didn’t even realize it was the eve of our, what would have been anniversary. We had a friendly embrace [and] were surrounded by family, it was nice. Guys I’m sharing this story because I know a few of you have followed my journey through all of this [and have] even taken the time to reach out to me. You are the ones I’m writing to today to say thanks for all the love, I appreciate you all. And to those asking me how I feel today I want to tell you this… I FEEL EMPOWERED."

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Tricia also acknowledged that many women have probably gone through what she went through, but the only difference is hers was more public. So what did she do to get over the heartache? "I took my time healing, stumbling many times. I spent time with Jesus. I dated myself. I allowed my family, friends, [and] dogs to help me [and] love me. And I fought for my career."

She also defended her ex-husband, particularly against his haters, saying: "My ex-husband I believe is a good man who has just made some bad choices, but are any of you completely perfect? I can say I’ve made some pretty poor life choices too but I believe it’s how we bounce back [and] get back up that’s what’s more important. There’s nothing wrong with failing forward [and] he is trying his best to be the best version of himself so please let him try."

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Tricia acknowledged her heartbreak: "Yes this man broke me, however, I didn’t let it ruin me forever. Through sincere prayer, petition, [and] forgiveness, I can now call him a friend even though the expectation is that as his ex-wife I should hate him; I honestly don’t. Yet a friend who I’m sure will p*#s me off at times but none the less a friend…or maybe we’re more like siblings now haha he’s like the sibling who doesn’t give the best love advice."

Tricia also mentioned that she is happily in a relationship with another man that she loves that Gab is "respectful" about it. To close her entry, she had some advice to share to women who are going through heartbreak: "Love yourself right. Always remember your worth. Be firm yet kind. HAVE GRACE."

Read the full entry on Tricia's blog here. 

Tricia and Gab tied the knot in 2015 and had two wedding ceremonies: one in Tagaytay and one in Boracay. It was in 2016 when rumors started circulating that the couple had already split because of Gab's alleged infidelity. Gab confirmed that their divorce was underway in March 2017.

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