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Just Cute Photos Of 'The Return Of Superman' Stars William And Bentley Hammington That Will Make You *Soft*

They're our happy pills!
What you need to know about William and Bentley Hammington

Whenever I feel tired and want an instant stress reliever, I go to YouTube and watch videos of The Return Of Superman's William and Bentley Hammington. There are many kids from the show that I equally adore, but if I were to pick favorites, it would definitely be the Korean-Australian siblings! Curious about these adorable TV stars? We gotchu.

Do enjoy these adorable photos and clips of The Return Of Superman stars William and Bentley Hammington:

William and Bentley's appa is Sam Hammington, a known comedian and TV and radio personality in South Korea. He hails from Australia and prior to his career in the Korean entertainment industry, Sam was an exchange student in the country. WilBen's eomma, Yumi Hammington, is a cupcake store owner and would appear on the show from time to time.

William, or Tae Oh in Korean, was born on July 12, 2016.


Bentley, whose Korean name is Woo Sung, was introduced to the world on November 8, 2017

It looks like William took after his dad because this bb is a natural comedian! He can make anyone laugh with his witty remarks. Just look at this clip where he *pretends* to read lines from a book and say: "My dad watches TV every day." LOL!

You also have to see his trick eye transformation!

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At a young age, Will is also showing huge potential of becoming an athlete and you bet appa Sam is proud!

Bentley has been dubbed as the youngest mukbang star and I'm telling you, one of his hobbies is really eating! His eyes would light up at the sight of food. He's honestly our spirit animal, lol.

And his creativity? On point! Who knew you can use nurungji (scorched rice) as a mobile-phone-slash-headphone-slash-earmuffs? Only Ben!


One of Ben's all-time favorite snacks is the Australian spread Vegemite, which is quite surprising because not everyone can stomach the taste, lol. But Ben would eat it straight from the container, haha!

Fun fact: William and Bentley love BTS so much to the point that they would dance on cue every time they hear "Dynamite". Will has already memorized the choreography of "On", too! His favorite member is RM while Ben adores V.

You also can't miss this clip where WilBen dressed up as RM and V in their "Dynamite" music video—Wil even colored his hair blue like his RM hyung! Can we talk about Ben identifying Jungkook on the poster in just one second? These boys are indeed true-blue ARMYs!

The sibs have a tight-knit relationship and you can truly observe that on the show. Wil is a doting brother who always looks after Ben and never fails to remind him that they're inseparable. Meanwhile, Ben looks up to Wil and would always imitate what he does, simply because he's a big fan of his hyung. Take a look  at these photos of them throughout the years and get ready to say "Awww!": 



The lovely duo is all grown-up now but some things really don't change. They may have *mini* fights, but just like what normal siblings would do, they apologize and get super clingy right after! #ParentingDoneRight


We're looking forward to seeing more of you, WilBen!

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