The Shocking Story Of A Five-Year-Old Girl Who Gave Birth

For years, her son believed she was his sister, not his mother.
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The New York Post has reported a story that sounds not only biologically impossible, but also incredibly disturbing. It's the story of a five-year-old girl who apparently became pregnant with and gave birth to a baby.

Lina Medina from Peru was just five years and seven months old when her mother became concerned about her growing stomach. At first, doctors believed the child was suffering from a tumour, but further investigations revealed she was actually carrying a child.

And on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to that child, a little boy she named Gerardo after a doctor the little girl had become fond of. While doctors were incredibly fearful for Lina's health, she underwent a cesarean section (her pelvis was too small to allow a baby to pass through) and recovered from the birth.

Naturally, medical experts in the Peruvian Andes who looked after Lina were utterly baffled at the medical marvel they'd just witnessed. Looking into it, however, the doctors discovered the little girl had mature sexual organs, and was suffering from a condition called "precocious puberty."

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In some kind of unfortunate coincidence, Lina was also sexually abused at a young age, leading to the pregnancy occurring. Initially, Lina's father was accused of having had incestuous sex with his daughter which led to his arrest, but police weren't able to find enough evidence to charge him and so they had no choice but to release her dad.

Gerardo's biological father has never been officially identified.

As Lina's son grew up, he was told Lina was his sister, but the truth came out when Gerardo was 10 years old, which is obviously a lot to take in when you're just a child. He went on to live a healthy life, until he developed a bone disease and passed away in 1979 at the age of 40.

80 years after Gerardo's birth, Lina still remains the youngest ever woman to have given birth, which isn't hugely surprising.

Lina is still alive and is now 85 years old. As an adult, she went on to marry a man named Raul, with whom she has a second son.

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