Twitter Had ~*Feelings*~ About The 'AsNTM' Cycle 6 Finale

We can't even!!!
PHOTO: Instagram/dsloz

At 9 P.M. last night (October 24), fans of Asia's Next Top Model were glued to their tv screens. The finale had everyone rooting for their fave, and Dana Slosar was announced as the winner of Cycle 6. Although Pinoys were hoping for a back-to-back win (after Maureen Wroblewitz won Cycle 5 last year), Adela-Mae Marshall still did us proud.

Here are just some of the reactions we found via the hashtag #AsNTM6Finale:

The tea has been spilled.

We feel you, girl.


Cindy for #AsNTM6

No hate, just love.

#BTSARMY, where you at? The resemblance to this dress is uncanny!


We love this Dana shoot, too!

Someone spotted this resemblance she had with last year's winner, Maureen Wroblewitz:

Did you know Adela was in the Whisper commercial with Nadine Lustre? 

Fan faves Beauty and Jach are still getting some love!

Nothing but love for Adela, who put up a good fight! We're proud of you!

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