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These Are Twitter’s Most Mentioned K-Pop Artists In The Philippines

Twitter's most-mentioned K-pop artists in the Philippines
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Twitter/stray_kids, Twitter/txt_bighit

For over 10 years, Twitter has become every K-pop fan’s go-to platform where they can do some serious spazzing (ICYDK, this term is similar to fangirling, but make it extra excited). It serves as their bridge to communicating with their K-pop idols, and vice versa. According to data from Twitter and K-Pop Radar, there are over 6.1 billion K-pop related tweets in the past 12 months worldwide, with over 300 K-pop topics by artist names.


On Twitter, the Philippines is known for tweeting hashtags that make it to the top trends all at the same time. The Philippines actually ranked fifth in terms of unique voices on Twitter, and fourth by Tweet volume. Now that says a lot about us Pinoy K-pop fans!

You already know who the fastest-rising groups and the most followed idols are, now here are Twitter's most-mentioned K-pop artists in the Philippines:

1. BTS

Twitter handle: @BTS_twt

No surprise here—BTS has been dominating almost *every* list in this generation. The boys shine through Twitter with ~a little funk and soul~, update ARMYs with their events, post heart-stopping selcas (selfies), celebrate milestones, and share random videos (that will make your day).

BTS is set to release their new album BE next month, where all the members were  involved in the production, "from the concept and composition to design," according to Big Hit's Weverse app. Are we excited or are we excited??



Twitter handle: @BLACKPINK

We ~bet you wanna~ see this four-membered K-pop girl group on the list, and here you go! Their recent comeback set Twitter on fire, and we can’t get enough of BLINK’s *super* funny and relatable reactions.

BLACKPINK just released their dance practice video for “Lovesick Girls” (which, btw, we are replaying hard), and will appear on Running Man and Ask Us Anything this month.

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3. EXO

Twitter handle: @weareoneEXO

EXO has us going crazy with their powerful tracks, and even crazier now that they’re part of the most-mentioned list. Just last year, they took over Twitter when they released their comeback trailer for “Obsession” and you know what, guys: That just holds so much ~power~.

The group is currently busy with their individual projects, and we’re just here casually opening our tabs every 10 minutes to check if our wish for their group comeback came true. *Fingers crossed*

4. TXT

Twitter handle: @TXT_bighit

This rookie group did not just make it to this list, but also topped Twitter’s fastest rising K-pop artists in the Philippines. And that’s just after a year after they debuted! Let's just say that TXT totally deserves the ~crown~ they have now.

Watch out, MOAs—TXT will be having a comeback this month! The group just beat their personal record for stock pre-orders with their new album, minisode1: Blue Hour. Just one word for these boys: Revolutionary.



Twitter handle: @JYPETWICE

TWICE never fails to make us ~feel special~, that’s why Filipino ONCEs are on Twitter confessing their love for them. And if search for their name on the app, it’s getting more and more tweets. Especially now that their comeback this month has been confirmed!

On October 7, the K-pop girl group celebrated their fifth anniversary with a special live broadcast on V LIVE and YouTube. We can’t believe it’s been five years already! Now let us all keep our eyes wide open for the release of their comeback trailer.

6. GOT7

Twitter handle: @GOT7Official

Did you know that two of the GOT7 members (BamBam and Mark) are part of the Top 10 Most-Followed K-Pop Artists on Twitter? On the other hand, their group account has over 8.8 million followers and if you think it stops there, our only answer is ~never ever~.

GOT7 have been doing well with their individual releases, like Jackson’s “Pretty Please” collaboration with Galantis, and JB’s upcoming exhibition under the name Def. As for their comeback? We are praying with you, iGOT7s.


Twitter handle: @pledis_17

Wherever SEVENTEEN goes, may it be ~left or right~, they’re sure to be a hit—similar to how they made it to this list! The group is really active on Twitter, and Carats are pretty active in mentioning them in tweets, too.


SVT blessed us this week with a series of teasers, both photos and videos, and we are absolutely delighted by it! The group will return this month, and will release not just one, two, or three but 13 (you read that right, sis) versions of their upcoming album, Semicolon. Take our money, SEVENTEEN!!


8. Stray Kids

Twitter handle: @Stray_Kids

Stray Kids debuted in 2018, and have shown to us how they’re about to make it big in the K-pop industry. I mean, have you listened to their song “God’s Menu” (which is also their first MV to reach 100 million YouTube views)? We swear, that track is god-tier level, and further confirms how the group is ~one-of-a-kind~. And PH Stays have been tweeting about it all the time!

The eight-member group came back last month with “Back Door”, which, along with their repackaged album, have topped the iTunes charts. Daebbak!

9. iKON

Twitter handle: @YG_iKONIC

iKON is indeed an iconic group—their 2018 song “Love Scenario” is truly iconic (and our personal fave), and is their first MV to gain 400 million YouTube views. With this in mind, let’s just say that they’re more than ready to ~dive~ into more success in the future.

In September, iKON celebrated their fifth debut anniversary with a V Live broadcast, which left us teary-eyed as we reminisce how far the group has come. As for their latest update, iKON performed at the 2020 Asia Song Festival just recently.


10. IZ*ONE

Twitter handle: @official_izone

Here’s one unstoppable rookie group: IZ*ONE was formed through Mnet’s reality show, Produce 48 in 2018, and for almost two years, they became a well-loved K-pop group for their charm, personality, and potential. In short, ~all eyes are on them~.

The group is all set for their Japanese comeback this month, and PH WIZ*ONEs are sure to fill our Twitter feed with updates! In the meantime, we will binge-watch their show, IZ*ONE CHU.


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