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The Most Epic Twitter Reactions To Catriona Gray's 'Slow-Mo Turn' At The Miss Universe Prelims

"Catriona Gray? More like, Catriona Slay!"
PHOTO: Miss Universe/Patrick Prather

We are loving absolutely everything about Catriona Gray's Miss Universe preliminary competition performance! I mean, look at Cat. Just look at her: 

One part of the event in particular sent fans over the edge: Cat's walk during the swimsuit competition, where she appeared to go on auto slow-mo during her twirl: 

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Social media went crazy, particularly on Twitter. Here, we've compiled the most hilarious and relatable tweets about Cat at the Miss Universe prelims:  

A friendly reminder: Do not try that walk at home or anywhere else! 

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Post-production who? Cat doesn't need it!

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OMG, same. 

We're claiming it! Catriona deserves that crown. 

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LOL at "my scalp is shaking."

We're loving this wordplay!

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Yup, Catriona is truly blessed. 

Shet, indeed. 

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Harsh, bro. Harsh. 

This tweet that focused on a different kind of belt. *Cries*

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As if her signature "lava walk" wasn't enough:

You love Catriona even more now. Admit it. 

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And of course, Pinoys being Pinoys, this video turned into hilarious memes, like this one:

And this one. Soooo accurate: 

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