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'It's discrimination:' Here's How Twitter's Reacting To The Mario And Kakai Issue

'Erich can vlog with him but Kakai can't even mention his name?'

You probably know by now that Thai actor Mario Maurer's camp sent a legal letter to Kakai Bautista's talent agency, asking the actress to stop associating herself with him and to "cease, desist, and refrain" from using his name. Shocking, right? This, obviously, didn't sit well with many Pinoys who took to Twitter to express their disapproval.

"Were they really concerned about Kakai's unauthorized use of Mario's name in statements, or they couldn't like the fact na si Kakai ang gumamit? Kasi, kung si Liza [Soberano] 'yan, baka mag-inintiate pa sila ng collaboration, e. Wouldn't take this as anything else, it's discrimination," one concerned netizen wrote. "Erich [Gonzales] can vlog with him but Kakai can't even mention his name?" another tweet reads, referring to Erich's mini-reunion vlog with Mario from March 2019. 

erich gonzales and mario maurer
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According to a source from, Mario *reportedly* lost projects and major endorsements because he was "romantically-linked" to Kakai. Pinoys on Twitter said it wasn't Kakai's fault Mario didn't have any recent big projects, and that they were veeery disappointed with the actor and his agency. Some tweets say Kakai is being used as a scapegoat for his "lack of career."

One particularly savage post reads: "The only reason why Mario Maurer's irrelevant ass is laos is because of the surge of BL Thai actors. I don't get why they are blaming Kakai TBH." People are also asking Mario for *accountability*: "If Mario won't talk and grow some balls to defend Kakai then I'm sorry it was nice knowing you k bye." 

Kakai's fellow celebs are coming to her defense. too. Kuya Kim Atienza tweeted: "In other news, hayaan mo @kakaibautista you deserve to be linked to someone more deserving of you and your talent. Kainis." Cai Cortez shared a photo with Kakai on Insta, writing in the caption: "It's us against the world, babe @ilovekaye. We got your back." Kakai herself has been posting beach pics on IG and seems to be unbothered! 

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Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer's friendship 

Kakai and Mario worked together in the 2012 Star Cinema film Suddenly It's Magic, where Mario was paired with Erich Gonzales. Kakai played one of Erich's friends in the film, and during interviews and promotions, Kakai talked about Mario's kindness and how close they became. Kakai clarified in interviews that they weren't linked romantically, saying that they had an older sister and little brother relationship. Their friendship stopped in 2013, after they lost communication. You can read more about the issue here

kakai bautista and mario maurer
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Cosmopolitan has also reached out to the actor for a statement. 


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