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Which TXT Member Are You? Check Out Their MBTI Personality Types And See Who ~*Matches*~ Yours

We can't wait for their concert here in the Philippines!
TXT Members MBTI Personality Types
PHOTO: Twitter/txt_bighit

PULP Live World just announced the ticketing details last September 16 for TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)'s ACT: LOVESICK concert in Manila and we just can't help but *squeal* with excitement! MOA (TXT’s fandom name) anticipated this for so longever since the announcement for Manila concert dates were announced in June, to receiving another notice in August that the show dates have been rescheduled from October 15 and 16 to October 27 and 28.

If you are a casual listener of TXT and have seen random clips of them on the internet, you must have wondered what the boys are like, right? With the upcoming concert, it's best to get to know each of the member's personalities and feel closer to them as you look forward to the interactions they'll have with the fans while on show. Knowing their MBTI (Myers-BriggsType Indicator) personality types might just be the way!


MBTI is an evaluation that analyzes and classifies one's personality into one of four main areas: Extroversion (E) vs Introversion (I), Sensing (S) vs Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F), and Judging (J) vs Perceiving (P). It comes up with a four-letter personality code that falls under the 16 categories.

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Read on to learn about each TXT member's MBTI type and compare it with yours!

1. Soobin (ISFP: The Adventurer)

Compatible types: ENFJ, ESFJ, and ESTJ

Choi Soobin, or Soobin, is the charismatic leader of the group and was the second member to be revealed before their debut. He was a former MC in KBS's MusicBank along with OH MY GIRL's Arin. He is a loving "father" to his pet hedgehog named Odi, and his dimples would make you want to poke them because of how cute he is when he smiles! Soobin belongs to the unit Kkeomddakjiz with Hueningkai which means gums because they always stick together.

TXT Soobin

Adventurers like Soobin tend to get along with just about anyone, and a great representation of this was when he was an MC. In almost all of the backstage interviews with MC Soobin and Arin on the show with the artists, you can see and feel how they are really comfortable around the MCs. Soobin, just by being himself, was able to make the atmosphere lighter and you can tell that everybody loves being around him! However, because of their introverted personality type, ISFPs tend to recharge their energy by spending some alone time after socializing. They can be grounded one minute and be spontaneous on the next.

2. Yeonjun (ENFP: The Campaigner)

Compatible types: INFJ

Choi Yeonjun, labeled as the K-pop "Fourth Gen It Boy," is the eldest member of TXT and was the very first member to be revealed. He is MOA's first love, and his mother calls him "healing.Before their debut in 2019, he was dubbed as BigHit's *legendary trainee* for bagging first place in almost every monthly evaluation. At present, Yeonjun's modeling career also continues to escalate. Just recently, he became Privé Alliance's newest ambassador and guest creative director for a capsule collection that was launched in August 2022.

TXT Yeonjun

Campaigners like Yeonjun are truly the life of the party! They are extremely enthusiastic, free-spirited, and sociable individuals who will never go unnoticeable in a sea of people. ENFPs are also creative which is seen in Yeonjun when he expresses himself through dancing. Campaigners strive for meaningful conversations with the ones special to them and are very warmhearted and approachable. However, some of them sometimes seek validity in pleasing other people. Luckily, their emotional sensitivity allows them to cater not only to their friend's needs but also to their own.


3. Beomgyu (INFJ: The Advocate)

Compatible types: ENFP, ENTP, INTJ, and INFJ

Choi Beomgyu, the energizer of the group, was born in Daegu, South Korea, and was the very last member revealed to debut. He has a talent for being an expert in variety programs with his bright and humorous personality, that some even admitted they wanted to cast Beomgyu in their show! Beomgyu's first solo guesting in a variety program was in Bistro Shigor and he really did an amazing job working with his sunbaenims (seniors) that the show members missed him as soon as his guesting for the program ended. He may be extremely loud when he's with the rest of the team and during variety shows, but Beomgyu also has a sentimental side when he's alone.

TXT Beomgyu

Beomgyu used to be an ENFJ (a Protagonist) until he posted in Weverse, their official online fan community, in July of 2022 that he recently took the 16 Personalities test once again and shared to MOAs that he has become an INFJ. In contrast with what we have usually seen from their contents, Beomgyu shared that he actually hates going to crowded places without the members or being with people he doesn't know. He's all over the place when filming with the members because he’s super comfortable around them, but when he’s alone, he is in his own bubble. Advocates like Beomgyu are filled with creativeness and approach life with deep thoughtfulness. They value authentic relationships seriously and prefer to have meaningful conversations.

4. Taehyun (ESTP: The Entrepreneur)

Compatible types: ISFJ and ISTJ

Kang Taehyun was the fourth member to be revealed as a member of the group and belongs to the maknae (youngest) line. While he is one of the youngest on the team, his passion for whatever he does is overflowingbe it singing, dancing, or even when working out at the HYBE gym. Taehyun has released a few song covers and in March 2022, he was invited to Lee Mu Jin's Service where he sang "LA Girlsand performed "10,000 Hours" with him. He sometimes messes with his hyungs (older brothers) and Hueningkai by pretending they’re in a wrestling match, especially during dance practice hours.

TXT Taehyun

Entrepreneurs like Taehyun are known to be extraverted yet observant which really suits them. They are filled with passion and energy. ESTPs would also choose to communicate directly and clearly. They surely love to explore interesting ideas. I guess this is why Taehyun seems to know plenty of facts and trivia. Almost anything that requires physical agility is interesting for Entrepreneurs, so seeing Taehyun enjoy HYBE's gym is no shocker. And oh, he does boxing, too! Sometimes, ESTPs can be pretty blunt, but they try to work and be more sensitive about others' feelings to try and make things work.


5. Hueningkai (ISTP: The Virtuoso)

Compatible types: ESFJ and ESTJ

Hueningkai was the third member revealed to debut and is the cute maknae of the group. His aegyos (cute poses) will NEVER ever make you cringe for they always seem so natural to him. He is a musical geniushe can play almost any instrument and has produced a number of TXT's tracks. This giant baby loooooves plushies and likes to rub the member's bellies to show his fondness for them. Hueningkai radiates such bright energy that seeing him will automatically make your day! He is one of the sweetest and most considerate K-pop idols out there.

TXT Hueningkai

During their debut year, Hueningkai used to be an ENFP like Yeonjun that's why their unit was called Yeonjuniz for they have a lot of things in common. He took the test once again and got ISTP as his result. But, don't be sad, MOAs! He is still a member of Yeonjuniz even though he's not an ENFP anymore. Virtuosos like Hueningkai are natural creators, exploring ideas through making projects and spending their time in the trial-and-error processes, which manifests in all of his contributions to TXT's songs. ISTPs are quick in finishing their tasks when they are left by themselves and are thoughtful, rational people.


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