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UAAP Snapshots: Ateneo And La Salle Hardcourt Hunks

If there's anything these rival universities' basketball teams have in common, it's their wealth of hot players. See them in action here!

Even if we don't understand every single detail of the basketball game (lane violation, anyone?), a lot of us would still scramble for tickets to an Ateneo-La Salle match for a lot of reasons. Mostly, they're for school spirit, since the respective alumni of these universities always thirst for victory over their rival. But a lot of the fans (women like you, in particular) watch it for the hot basketball players, too, right? (Aminin!)

Where the hot men are, expect Cosmo to be there, of course. So during their second round face-off for Season 73 , we made sure we were in Araneta Coliseum to see the exciting hardcourt action. Instead of scouring the crowd for cute basketball fans for our Guyspotting section like we did during the last match, we focused our attention (and our camera) on the court to capture intense moments of some of your favorite ballers: Ateneo Blue Eagles' Kirk Long (player of the game), Nico Salva, and Ryan Buenafe, and De La Salle Green Archers' Simon Atkins, Joseph Marata, and Maui Villanueva, among others.

In an exhilarating comeback after their heartbreaking loss to La Salle in the first round, the Blue Eagles crushed the Green Archers, 74-57, enjoying as much as a 26-point lead during the third quarter. Still, we're quite sure none of the teams' female fans went home disappointed, as they saw their hardcourt crushes enjoy lots of playing time.

If you're one of those who failed to snag tickets to that sold-out game, just launch our gallery of Ateneo and La Salle basketball eye candy when you click on the gallery button below.

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