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17 Pinays Share Their Favorite ~*Underrated*~ Shows On Netflix

Have you seen Selling Sunset? Sweet Magnolias? Yes? No?

At one point in our lives, we’ve found ourselves searching through what seems to be endless titles on Netflix, only to watch the same shows and movies over and over again. However, have you ever randomly clicked on a show that you’ve never heard of and ended up enjoying it anyway? We asked our little Cosmo Mixers community on Facebook for their absolute favorite Netflix discoveries, and here are all the shows that they surprisingly loved, though they’ve never really heard about them before:

  1. I like Nadiya’s Time To Eat! I love the kitchen hacks—perfect for these times when the ECQ forced me to sit the whole day in front of my laptop, with everyone expecting that you are online for almost 24/7. The show features really easy-to-whip-up dishes. Ang galing! – Faith
  2. Ghoul, an Indian TV series. Good mix of suspense, supernatural stuff. – Jen
  3. Working Moms. Tawang-tawa ako sa series na ito! – Retty
  4. Selling Sunset! When season one came out last year, it just popped up in my notifs, I got curious, and I binge-watched the whole thing in one sitting. It’s a reality show about luxury real estate agents in LA, so expect lots of beautiful houses, even more beautiful people, and the pettiest but most satisfying drama. Hahaha! It’s totally my type of reality show because it’s produced by Adam Divello, the same producer of my 2000s faaaaaaves Laguna Beach and The Hills. –  Cindy
  5. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories! I really like how it has individual one-shot stories of customers who visit this izakaya open late at night. It's a quiet yet satisfying, cozy and comforting show. And I love the home-y Japanese food they usually highlight per episode. – Joycee
  6. The Big Flower Fight! It's a gardening and landscaping competition! My husband randomly found it, and it's pretty interesting! Natapos namin in three days 'yung competition. Another new discovery (kagabi lang, baka kaka-release din?) is a docu series called Trial By Media. We finished one episode last night and it's pretty intresting naman. Each episode talks about true crime stories that blew up because of the media.
  7. Bad Moms! Super funny. Didn’t expect that twist! – Hazel and Retty
  8. Blown Away. It's a glass-blowing reality competition series. Honestly one of my faves to this day. (Sadly, one season pa lang.) Para siyang action because of how fragile their medium is, but ART. I really was blown away by it! The World's Most Extraordinary Homes is about an architect and a design enthusiast who go around the world, checking out exactly what it says in the title. Both the hosts are so passionate about the skill it takes, the entire design process, and the art of architecture, and you can totally feel that, watching this. It's so inspiring! I can only imagine it is even more so for those in that industry. Both shows, actually, take the time to showcase the respective crafts involved with so much love and respect. I suuuper love that about them. – Jewel
  9. Dead To Me! For me its not your typical Netflix series, very nice! – Bea
  10. Marianne! It's a French horror series. – Niki
  11. Taking a break from K-Dramas and currently watching Valeria! It's like a Spanish Sex and the City, with Madrid as the setting. It's about four friends in their late 20s dealing with love problems, work issues, family troubles, and basically just figuring out what they really want and need in their lives. For those who watch La Casa de Papel, the lead is the girl who played Tatiana. – Tasha
  12. Sweet Magnolias! Medyo mabagal lang pace ng story but very wholesome. It's about lifelong friendships. Maybe not a ~ fave ~ but more of a palette cleanser for me from all the K-dramas and mainstream af shows like Money Heist. – Asia
  13. Restaurants On The Edge! I’d say it’s like Queer Eye but for restaurants about to go bankrupt and if you're dying to travel right now, it’s the show to watch to see lesser-known places.
  14. History 101 and Explained for quick 20-minute trivias and The Final Table, a cooking contest for professional chefs around the world. – Binggot
  15. Good Girls. Pero until now feel ko super underrated pa rin siya so nirerecommend ko siya sa lahat. Watch niyo guys! – Karla
  16. Baking reality shows: Zumbo’s Just Desserts and Sugar Rush! They have unique formats, plus, who doesn’t love watching desserts? – Sarah
  17. Forensic Files! If you like true crime, this series goes on for like 20 seasons. I literally binge-watched it for months and felt a deep sense of loss when I finally reached the finish line – Timmy
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