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'Unsolved Mysteries' Is Bound To Be Your Newest Netflix Obsession

It’ll be hard to stop at just one episode!

Earlier this month, a new docu-series premiered on Netflix entitled Unsolved Mysteries. It’s the remake of the iconic show that first aired in the US in 1987. As the title suggests, the show features different unsolved cases and incidents that have left the families and communities of the victims in shock. We’re talking about unexplained disappearances and even bizarre experiences that people have gone through. 

The show actually has 12 episodes lined up, and the first six have already been released. All six episodes so far have left us feeling confused and uneasy—wtf happened to all these cases?! If you’re a fan of true crime and mysteries, you’re bound to be hooked on this show. All episodes are under an hour each, so it’ll be hard for you to stop at just one. We bet you’ll end up googling for more answers about the cases after every episode, because that’s definitely what I did!

Here’s a quick recap of the first three episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. We’ll only talk about a few things, enough to pique your curiosity and get you to tune into the show ASAP:

Episode one: Mystery on the Rooftop

What happened to newlywed Rey Rivera? In May 2006, Rey’s body was found in an abandoned conference room in a historic hotel in Maryland. No one could explain how he ended up there. 

Episode two: 13 Minutes

Patrice Endres is a well-loved hairdresser in Georgia. One bright day, she suddenly goes missing. Something happened within the 13-minute time frame from when she last took a phone call to when she stopped picking up. Her son, who was then a teenager, is left without answers. 


Episode three: House of Terror

Definitely one of the most—if not the most—horrifying episodes so far. In 2011, French authorities found the bodies of the wife and four children of Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes under the porch of their home in Nantes, France. Count Xavier, however, is nowhere to be found. What happened in the house of terror? What dark secrets was this well-respected family keeping?

Xavier Dupont Deligonnes and his son. Courtesy of Netflix

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