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7 Upcoming K-Drama Pairs We Can't Wait To See Onscreen

There's so much *kilig* in store for us!
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Unlike here in the PH, Korean "love teams" aren't really a thing, which means that our fave K-drama actors and actresses are paired with different people for each project! Here, we listed down seven cute new pairs to look forward to: 

1. Seo Ji Hye + Song Seung Hon in Dinner Mate 

The drama tells the story of two people "who have grown jaded about romance after experiencing painful heartbreaks. Through eating dinner together, they eventually recover their abilities to feel emotion and begin to find love over food."

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2. Park So Dam + Park Bo Gum in Record Of Youth 

It's about the modeling industry! Soompi writes that Record Of Youth will tell the story of a young man who dreams of becoming a model and a woman who wants to become a makeup artist.

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3. Jun Ji Hyun + Park Seo Joon in Mount Jiri

It's not official yet, but there's a huge possibility that this will happen! Park Seo Joon will play the role of a national park ranger who "used to be a lieutenant in the military and lost his successor during a training march on Mount Jiri." He will meet Jun Ji Hyun's character Seo Yi Kang, "the only person he can confide his secrets to."

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4. Kim Yoo Jung + Ji Chang Wook in Backstreet Rookie

Also known as Convenience Store Saet Byulthe drama will tell the story of handsome but clumsy Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) who runs a convenience store. He crosses paths with quirky part-time employee Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung) who is determined to "leave her spotty past behind."

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5. Bae Suzy + Nam Joo Hyuk in Sandbox

It's about the booming tech industry in South Korea! If the drama pushes through, Suzy's character will be a college drop-out named Seo Dal Mi who wants to become the next Steve Jobs, while Joo Hyuk will play the role of Nam Do San, a young ~overachiever~ who is now an owner of a tech company. 

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6. Im Soo Hyang + Ji Soo in When I Was The Prettiest  

My First First Love's Ji Soo and My ID Is Gangnam Beauty's Im Soo Hyang are reportedly in talks to star in the drama, which tells the story of two brothers who fall in love with the same girl. 

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7. Jo Bo Ah + Lee Dong Wook in The Story Of Gumiho 

Soompi reports that this urban fantasy melodrama will tell the story of "a male gumiho who has settled in the city (Lee Dong Wook) and the fearless producing director who is determined to hunt him down (Jo Bo Ah)." This drama also stars Kim Bum and marks his return to TV after getting discharged from military service. 

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