Vanessa Hudgens Opens Up About Her Biggest Insecurity

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on August 3, 2016!
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1 Vanessa Hudgens told People that her biggest insecurity is her midsection, thus proving that even celebrities struggle with loving their bodies: "The pooch! I think we all know what the pooch is. [Women] work so hard to make the pooch go away." Even so, Vanessa is proud of and thankful for what she has: "I don't think we give our bodies enough gratitude for simply just doing what it does, without us telling it to do it. Just the fact that it can digest food for you and keep food down and fight off bacteria. Realizing that has helped me love my body a little more." 

2 As promised, the teaser for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's new movie, Barcelona: A Love Untold, is finally here and it gave us all the ~*feels!*~

3 Rihanna makes impending doom look fabulous on W Magazine's September issue! Fashion Director Edward Enninful says that our favorite Bad Gal "is playing the Queen, so everything has to be custom-made specifically for her." 

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4 Did Justin Bieber just shade Taylor Swift? The "Love Yourself" singer posted an Instagram photo of him FaceTiming with Kanye West and captioned it, "Taylor swift what up." Tay-tay can't catch a break!

5 Suicide Squad just premiered and the Internet is exploding! Be sure to catch it this weekend and tell us what you think!

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