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Vanessa Matsunaga To Erich Gonzales: 'Please Address The Money Issue'

PHOTO: Instagram/vanessamatsunaga

1 It's been a rough month for Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga—we still can't believe it's over. Last week, shortly after Erich confirmed their breakup, the rumor mill started running with claims that their separation was due to a financial issue; this prompted Vanessa Matsunaga, Daniel's older sister, to leave a comment on Erich's Instagram account: 

"Hi Erika, how are you? I'm really sorry to send you this message. Daniel asked our family, friends, and fans to keep quiet and not fight back or even reply to any comments, but the truth is I can't keep quiet when people are invading my privacy, asking us if we owe you money and saying that you are spending on us! I can't believe this is even happening. How can people even speculate about this, right? I know you answered the interview [to] the best of your ability, I understand it's hard to answer too many questions, but I honestly wish you had addressed the money issue. You guys don't owe an explanation to anyone and I know both of you are hurting and want privacy right now. Please look back at the good times. Remember, you were with us for two years, you were included in every family plan, trips, weddings. [We] took care of you and your family and took in consideration your preferences and watched over you. I'm not here to measure what we did for each other because this is love, and it comes with it naturally. All I'm saying is [that] I'm very sad to see people defaming not only you and my brother, but also my mom and family. You know my mom, and she definitely doesn't deserve this. As a matter of fact, we are still defending you from all the hate as much as we can. We all love you to the best of our abilities and with all our hearts. It's your choice to unfollow us, delete your photossome people move on that way. 'Out of sight out of mind.' Others would like to treasure the memories, whatever works best, right? Whatever it is we respect that and chose to give you your privacy. [So] please forgive me if you are receiving this message here, I would've sent this to your inbox but now my messages get to you as a spam...anyways, I'm asking you to please address this issue, people are calling us users, but you know best, and you know the truth. I'm counting on your integrity, dignity, and your love for our Lord Jesus. Love you! Isabella misses you! We will always be here for you."

Erich has since deactivated her comments.

2 One couple's still going strong, though. In an interview with PEP, Jessy Mendiola revealed that she'll be celebrating the most romantic day of the year with Luis Manzano. Apparently, they'll be spending Valentine's day in a beach in Batangas: "Dive kami. 'Yun lang naman ang ginagawa namin kasi busy siya ngayon. Nag-plan lang kami ng mabilisang celebration. Saan pa ba ang pinakamalapit na beach? 'Yun ang hilig namin, 'yung malapit lang, sa Anilao lang."

3 Crowd favorite Miss Thailand 2016 Chalita Suansane has great news for all her Filipino fans! When asked about whether she's open to possible projects in show business here, Chalita said, "Of course, that will be beyond expectation but anyway because I believe I can also be Filipino according to my smile and my friendly personality, and talent or skill in acting." She continued, "If there is a chance to work here or do something here for showbiz, that would be good and challenging for me." 


4 James Reid and Nadine Lustre are celebrating their first anniversary as a couple in Japan! JaDine gave us a sneak peek of their getaway via IG stories: 

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ICYMI, James's IG account is also packed with romance:

5 Gigi Hadid recently visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about her first encounter with beau Zayn Malik: "We actually met at a friend's birthday party a few years ago." According to Gigi, she had been interested in Zayn for a while: "He was in New York to come to the Victoria's Secret show last year, I think, and ended up not coming. And I was like, 'I'll play it cool. Like, I'll go to the after-party.' He wasn't there. And then later that week we ended up going on our first date." They "tried to play it cool for 10 minutes" before Gigi supposedly told Zayn, "You're really cute." *KILIG!*


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