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Venus Raj Reveals She Dated A Guy 12 Years Her Senior When She Was 16

'I was introduced to things that I shouldn't be introduced [to].'
venus raj reveals she dated a guy 12 years her senior

Trigger warning: Grooming of minors

Venus Raj recently sat down for an intimate interview with Toni Gonzaga where she revealed that her first boyfriend was 12 years her senior when she was 16.

Uploaded on YouTube on January 23, Venus talked about growing up with her stepfather and coping with the lack of having a father figure. Because of this, the beauty queen revealed she preferred dating older guys. 


Venus said she was a 16-year-old girl in high school when she entered her first relationship with a guy who was 28 years old at the time.

"Wala pa akong ka-alam-alam sa buhay noon, Toni," Venus said. "Parang sunod lang kung anong sasabihin para masabi lang na you are in a relationship. I don't know kung ano ibig sabihin ng 'toxic relationship', hindi ko alam kung paano ba yung dynamics dapat. 'Am I to submit?' 'Paano ba dapat?' No idea at all."

Venus shared, "I was introduced to things that I shouldn't be introduced [to]. First sexual experience, and I thought, 'Ah, siguro ganito talaga,' ito siguro yung love. Usually ganoon naman, binibigay mo yung sarili mo ng buo sa tao."

Venus said that the relationship ended after two years when the guy got another lady pregnant. She said, "At that time, I did not know there was a void. Ang pakiramdam ko lang, gusto ko ng may kasama sa buhay. Companionship. Security. Validation. Acceptance."

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Watch Venus' full interview here:

(Ed's note: According to sex counselor Eric Marlowe Garrison's interview with Allure, “Grooming is the slow, methodical, and intentional process of manipulating a person to a point where they can be victimized. After [the perpetrators] find their targets, they then gain trust and move in from there.” If you find yourself in a similar situation or know someone who is, seek help from a trusted adult or contact PNP's Women's and Children Help Center at Aleng Pulis Hotline:  (+63) 919 777 7377. Read more about the protection of women and children here.)