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You Have To See This ~Imaginary~ 'Vincenzo' Cast Starring Pinoy Celebs!

Imaginary Vincenzo cast starring Pinoy celebs

Admit it: Even after a week, you're still not over the Netflix drama Vincenzo. You've probably been binge-watching the cast's behind-the-scene clips on YouTube or re-watching the series so you can fill the void in your heart—because honestly, same. There's no way we can move on that easily with a K-drama as exceptional as Vincenzo!

On Facebook, there are a number of groups dedicated to the drama where fangirls can share their emotions (and a looooot of memes). We're part of some of them and while we were casually browsing our feed, we found a post by vlogger MatingMats that totally caught our attention. She shared a compilation of what the Vincenzo cast would be like if it stars Pinoy celebs and wow, we can definitely see the resemblance!

Read on and see our fave suggestions:

Daniel Padilla as mafia corn salad Vincenzo Cassano

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Enrique Gil as Babel Chairman Jang Jun Woo

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Arron Villaflor as best boy Jang Han Seo

Aiko Melendez as prosecutor-slash-Zumba-enthusiast Choi Myung Hee

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Zanjoe Marudo as Wusang CEO Han Seung Hyuk

Jerald Napoles as pawnshop owner Lee Chul Wook

Neil Coleta as Oh My Consigliere Fan Club President An Gi Seok

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Empoy as the reliable Mr. Nam

Benjie Paras as ~Italian~ restaurant owner Chef Toto

Kim Molina as weightlifter Jang Yeo Jin

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Sharlene San Pedro as I.T queen Seo Mi Ri

What do you think of this ~imaginary~ cast? Let us know in the comments section!