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7 Viu Originals To Add To Your Must-Watch List

It's time to explore Indonesian dramas!
PHOTO: (LEFT) A Date With Cha Eun Woo/VIU, (RIGHT) Assalamualaikum My Future Husband/Viu

Streaming service Viu is a go-to site for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas. But did you know that they also produce original content? Here's a must-watch list if you want to explore new Asian movies and TV series: 

1. A Date With Cha Eun Woo 

Who doesn't want to see more of this Korean bb? Viu follows K-pop idol and K-drama star Cha Eun Woo behind-the-scenes during his 2019 trip to Hong Kong. We need more episodes, TBH. 

No. of episodes: 5  

2. Switch 

Febby and Emma are best friends with totally opposite personalities who live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their lives change when one fateful night, during a riot, Febby and Emma find their souls switched with each other's bodies!  

No. of episodes: 13 

3. Salon

This Viu drama follows a female vigilante named Maria. She searches for the killer who brutally murdered her family and takes on a new identity as Anna—a woman who runs a salon in Malacca.

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No. of episodes: 10 

4. Assalamualaikum My Future Husband

According to Viu, Fisya believes that her best friend since childhood, Jidan, also has romantic feelings for her. But...Jidan suddenly asks for her blessing to propose to her older sister (ouch!) and Fisya is left heartbroken.

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No. of episodes: 14 

5. Rewrite 

According to Viu, Rewrite is set in the year 2024—and Senja's groom Abi leaves her at the altar on their wedding day. Mad and frustrated, Senja wishes with all her might that she could go back to a time before she met him. The universe grants her wish, and they are both transported to 2019, the very day of their first meeting. 

No. of episodes: 13 

6. Kenapa Harus Bule

In this comedy movie from Viu, 29-year-old Pipin is *obsessed* with marrying a "white man." She moves to Bali to look for her version of the perfect guy. 

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7. Viu Shorts 

Are you a fan of short films? This series is composed of different Indonesian shorts and is part of an initiative that aims to support young filmmakers, artists, and local communities. 

No. of episodes: 17 


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