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This Convicted Rapist Pretended To Be A Cop And Got Caught

Beware of fake cops who carry toy guns.

A man who wore the Philippine National Police (PNP) uniform and used a gun replica as props to pose as a cop was caught in Cebu City after a real police officer got wind of his antics.

The poser identified as Dojie Canindo who donned the police uniform which was missing the PNP’s official badge said he did it because it was his dream to be a cop, GMA News reported.

Na-engganyo ako sa mga training. Maganda talagang tingnan. Noon pa talaga gusto ko na [maging pulis],” he said.

The police officer who apprehended him said he got suspicious with Canindo after he was unable to answer basic questions that were apparently common knowledge to the police force.

He suspicions grew as he noticed Canindo didn’t have a police officer’s badge and other basic equipment issued to each PNP member.

It was later discovered that the supposed gun Canindo was carrying around as his ticket to his short-lived dream job was actually a toy gun or a replica.

He was also profiled as a convicted rapist back in 2003 and was only able to get his freedom in 2013 due to a parole.

Canindo is facing multiple charges including the Illegal use of uniform and insignia, Illegal possession of gun replica, and violation of the Commission on Elections gun ban.

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